What’s this blog about?

I like eating, drinking, giving in my community and travel. 

And I enjoy all of these things even more when sharing them with other people who like them, too. I live in North Park, a community in San Diego that is getting famous for craft beer, local food and people who care.  It’s a cool place to live, though I’m sure there are many such cool places in San Diego and elsewhere, so just tell me if I get too self-righteous about my ‘hood.  As for the blog, I’ll have four pages, one for each topic. So if municipal infrastructure financing or neighborhood meetings make your eyes glaze over we can still chat about how freakin’ awesome craft beer like The Butcher at Societe Brewing is.  And if that doesn’t do it for you, perhaps we can exchange tips about San Gmignano, Italy.  All on their own pages, so politics won’t infect our eating and drinking.  On my eat page, I am working on an exclusive reputation-based food & service recommendation page.  It’s like Y*%p only it won’t suck as much and you won’t have to worry about whether the review is from someone whose favorite restaurant is one of the apostroph esses (e.g. Denny’s, Applebee’s, Chili’s, etc.).  I’m not a snob in the classic sense. I will eat inexpensive food and drink inexpensive beer.  I prefer it, actually.  But farming ain’t cheap (or it shouldn’t be), so I don’t mind paying.  But I digress.  The point is that I have a plan for us to exchange recs without getting screwed because you couldn’t tell the reviewer was a big Tobacco Rhoda’s fan.

Okay, gotta run.

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