Review – Alchemy Restaurant in South Park

Alchemy is a New American, full service restaurant in South Park. This visit was 8/5/12, a Sunday, about 6:30 pm.

Ambiance: It was about half full but didn’t feel crowded, the big tree sculpture adds a nice feel.

Service: My server was great.   Very knowledgeable and attentive without being pushy.
Price: Less than $15 for a carrot muscarpone tortellini. 

Carrot muscarpone tortellini

Review: This dish is light, flavorful and looks great on a plate.  It was my brother’s choice this time, but I’d had it before so I can say the quality hasn’t decreased since then, which can be dicey at a restaurant.  This is a dish I’d definitely order again and it’s a nice vegetarian option that doesn’t leave you feeling like you need to eat again 20 minutes after dinner.

local note:  this end of South Park doesn’t have much open at night yet, but part of the year they put lights on the trees, which makes for a romantic post-dinner stroll

Nearby: This restaurant has a famous craft beer bar called Hamilton’s Tavern a couple doors down and a handful of artsy shops nearby. 

Dinner Lottery: Submit a review of your last night out here for a chance to win dinner for two.

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