Review – El Take it Easy – North Park, San Diego

A friend shot me a text to come have tacos with her at El Take it Easy, a gastro-cantina that creates Baja-inspired cuisine. It was about 7:30 on a Thursday, here’s how it went:

Ambiance: As the name would suggest, this place has a laid back vibe and the dark wood and high ceilings gives it an interesting look that sets the mood a bit.

Service: It was pretty good. Our main servers still seemed to be learning the ropes, but they got everything right. Having been here at least a dozen times, we saw a couple ‘old hand’ servers we like alot who dropped by to pitch in along the way.

Price: The tacos were $4 each. I think it’s a perfectly fair price. The ingredient quality is high, also it’s a sit down restaurant, so even though they serve street tacos it’s a different experience than, say La Fachada or Las Cuatro Milpas.

Grassfed beef and avocado with housemade hot sauce.

Review: I took better pictures than the one above, but this is one of the must-try items on the menu. It’s not the most complicated thing, but the flavors work well together.  We had this, and several of the ‘”fancy taco” options.  For my tastes, the Governor topped the list, which had wild mexican shrimp, toma cheese, local onion and celery. For the herbivores, there was a Suzie’s Farm griddled summer squash and cerrano chile taco that doesn’t leave you feeling left out. You must try a half order of the tallow-cooked fries with trotter mayo. It doesn’t matter if they don’t go with the rest of your meal, trust me on this one.

local tip: a massive, well-lit, underutilized parking garage sits two blocks south. Its $1/hour and maxes at $5. The quirk is the entry is on 29th Street so if you come down University from the 805, turn south at 30th, quick right on North Park Way, then quick right on 29th and voila.

Nearby: 30th Street is a haven of great craft beer, delicious food options and funky, inter-generational mixing. Come back and check out Ritual Tavern two blocks north, Toronado a couple doors to the north or come back for a good date night at Urban Solace.

Dinner Lottery: Enter your review of any restaurant in San Diego here for a chance to win dinner for two (including drinks).

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