Review – La Mirage Meditteranean Cafe & Grill in East Village, San Diego

I stumbled on La Mirage Meditteranean for lunch. It’s at 815 F Street in East Village. 

Ambiance: Quiet place with lovely middle eastern feeling decor
Service: My server was, I believe, a co-owner.  She was pleasant, knowledgeable and quick. All important attributes for workday lunch.
Price: $14 (including tip) for gyro meal and tea and salad

Gyro entree with hummus, basmati rice & pita

Review: The salad had a nice housemade dressing, which was pretty good and not slathered on. Gyro meat was above average, and the hummus was a bit neutral. This experience is like a .270 hitter in baseball or, as a former colleague would say, comfy flats for work. It’s not spectacular, but is a very serviceable place that I’d come back to if I happened to be at Rachel’s Women’s Center again. Or for dinner, to try the full menu. I hate writing leukwarm reviews, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

Local note: It is near a very old post office and the neighborhood needs some help, so lunch is the best bet right now.
Nearby: Salad Style right nextdoor is a very good creative salad spot.

Dinner Lottery: Submit your own review here for a chance to win dinner for two!

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