Review – Tiger! Tiger! – North Park, San Diego

Fighting through a rare 90-degree San Diego afternoon, we decided to drop in on a relatively new North Park bar/casual restaurant called Tiger! Tiger! at 30th & El Cajon Blvd.  Here’s how it went:

Ambiance: We went at about 3pm, and it is a comfortable bar. Not too loud, not too crowded at that time, and friendly counter service. Very dark, though, and no backs on the bench style seats, FYI.

Service: You buy the food and beer at the bar, so service is mostly a non-issue. Though the people behind the bar are friendly, same for the runners who bring out the food. Not “wow” service, but perfectly pleasant.

Price: Beer ranges from about $5.50-$10 for up to a .5 liter drink. Menu items aren’t taco shop cheap, but reasonable in the $8-13 range.

One of the very good hot sandwiches to have with your craft beer.

Review: We’ve been here at least a dozen times, and this sandwich is one of the better ones. It is a toasted sandwich with good artisan bread, a mild cheese and your choice (we went with bacon & grilled onions) of various meats and things. We jazzed it up by adding the bechamel sauce and an egg on top. Might seem adventuresome, but was a nice addition that added a layer of texture to the sandwich. Maybe a little Hoity Toity of us, but very worth it. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the cup of chowder. It’s too runny for traditionalists, but has great flavor and is something I frequently tack on.

local tip: they give a bike discount, so ride you bike like the people over at BikeSD. But if you must drive, park on the streets just east of the bar, usually empty and not too far.

Nearby: 30th Street is a haven of great craft beer, delicious food options and funky, inter-generational mixing. Come back and check out Ritual Tavern, Toronado  or even Sicilian Thing, all a couple blocks south. Or come back and head around the corner to Crazee Burger, where you’ll find everything from Ostrich to Venison.

Dinner Lottery: Enter your review of any restaurant in San Diego here for a chance to win dinner for two (including drinks).

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