Posted in October 2012

Thank you to Larry at Ballast Point

I am not a homebrewer, it would be an insult to actual homebrewers for me to claim that distinction, truly.  But I decided to brew my fourth batch of beer with a few friends–and technically we did it at a home, sooooo, welcome to the saga of making a Milk Stout (creamier version of the … Continue reading

Going Public – San Diego Public Market

Last Sunday I made my way down to the new San Diego Public Market on National.  It’s a great space with a bright future and it has the potential to really drive change in one of San Diego’s oldest neighborhoods.  The trick, of course, is driving the right kind of change–but what the heck does … Continue reading

Night on EZ Street: Damn.good.meal

I had a meal that you will thank me if you try.  Seriously.  Let me tell you about it.  Actually, before I do, I should say that I do occasionally write reviews about bad food and drink experiences.  I don’t like to do it, but sometimes it’s necessary to help others avoid a mistake I made.  Or, more … Continue reading

Day One in the Bay – San Francisco

This photo isn’t actually in San Francisco (it’s Lake Merritt), but it was a nice photo to start the post. In search of ever more adventure (meaning craft beer, great food and unique neighborhoods), while in town for a conference I set out to explore the city by the Bay. What follows is the first … Continue reading

Biking through Nola neighborhoods

Before we got to New Orleans I’d set out to find some cool ways to experience the city.  Starting with a google search of “bike tour New Orleans” I stumbled on to the 400 Trip Advisor reviews of a culinary bike tour. Now, I love a good bike (and the groups like BikeSD who advocate for … Continue reading