Posted in November 2012

Charlotte, BBQ, and Twitter Magic

(4-29-13 update: With Mayor Foxx being tabbed to head the Department of Transportation, the sections below on public transit and public space investments in Charlotte mentioned below are even more relevant!) It’s really not possible to come to a place like North Carolina and avoid BBQ altogether. So in a firm commitment to meat, I … Continue reading

NYC – What happened on Gwynnett St.?

I’ve taken to crowd sourcing lots of things, especially recommendations for good food and places to visit.  I know, there’s always Yelp, but it’s impersonal and lacks the connection and interactivity of Twitter.  At the recommendation of a journalist friend of mine named Will, I coaxed Wife to round out our day in Brooklyn (read … Continue reading

No sleep…til BROOKLYN!!

Nod to the Beastie Boys notwithstanding, I reserve the right to lace this post with obscure (and not so obscure) hip hop and history references.  Since I was a freshman at Morehouse and met this guy from Bronx Sci. (the first actual New Yorker I’d ever met), Brooklyn has held kind of a special place in my heart. And although … Continue reading

Bellmore on ‘the Island’

The whirlwind randomness of a trip that almost didn’t happen led to one of those windows into American life I’m always happy to see.  And thus began our day on Long Island

Weekend in NYC: Neighborhoods and such

Five days in the nation’s biggest playground (sorry Vegas, giving away my money for a gambling “thrill” has worn thin).  New York, even with its cold grit and crumbling skeleton, is a place I love visiting.  And so faced with a weekend to play we managed to sample the sights and sounds (and food and drink, … Continue reading

Inspired by a dream

“I have the audacity to believe that peoples everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture for their minds, and dignity, equality, and freedom for their spirits.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Norway 1964 (watch the 12-minute speech here – quote starts at 7:31) This is a break from … Continue reading

Founding Farmers: the other cool place on Pennsylvania Ave

So many good things to say about Founding Farmers and only one, small hiccup. Searching for a place for early breakfast was a small challenge, very glad we nestled in to this spot up the street from the White House.  Definitely a place I will encourage newly minted San Diego Congressman-elect Scott Peters of the CA-52nd to … Continue reading

The Pig: Choosing life, local food and friendship

Scorned by the unavailability of a table at Rasika (likely brought on by the holiday Diwali), we turned to a dear friend to come up with a pleasant alternative for our fourth night in ‘the District.’  After some twists and turns (and traffic circles with five exits that make no sense), we ditched the rental car at 12th & … Continue reading