Posted in December 2012

And the winners are…

Well, the first winners are the kids whose lives will be a little less impacted by the abuse they faced and the women we’ll help in a small but meaningful way.  Together, we raised $4,3,95 to help homeless women and prevent child abuse in just over three weeks.  But because I wanted to make giving … Continue reading

Farms, tables and family

I was pretty interested in getting my family together for a nice meal.  Thanks to the Twitterverse and the good sense of Jeff Hammett, I snagged some reservations, drifted well out of my neighborhood to La Mesa and settled in for a meal at Terra Restaurant. The tractor sits out in front and is, as … Continue reading

Give…and then eat, drink and be merry!

Every year I buy or get a ton of stuff over the holidays I don’t really need.  I like a fancy new electronic gadget as much as the next tech-obsessed person.  But this year we can all do something very, very cool instead.  It’s my inaugural Child Abuse & Homeless Prevention Food (and Drink) Challenge.  You have to do almost nothing … Continue reading

Words can’t describe…but I’ll try

Combine mystery menu items, farm-to-table sensibility, meeting new people practically in your lap and effing epic preparations.  This, my friends, is how a restaurant experience is done.  State Bird Provisions is a place where The Lincoln Club and The Labor Council could break bread and be thick as thieves.  Yes, people, it was that.damn.good.  Here … Continue reading