It’s Pay Day…last day of the Food & Drink Challenge!

I saw several quotes at the memorial, but this one really spoke to me

I saw several quotes at the memorial, but this one really spoke to me

One last chance to help…and to win.  The short version is that I’m raising money and–thanks to some great restaurants–giving away some great items to help out homeless women and prevent child abuse throughout San Diego  This is the last 24 hours, so here are the basic steps: 1. Donate (here). 2. Feel Good. 3. Maybe win great food and drink (and yoga).  Here are the details and prizes. This is cool, I swear, keep reading.

Give because it helps! The money you donate will be split evenly between Rachel’s Women’s Center and Promises2Kids.  Rachel’s serves hundreds of homeless women each year in a drop-in center downtown San Diego.  Promises-2-Kids cares for abused children as they enter the foster system AND helps the transition to adulthood. Donate HERE

  • If you can’t afford to donate, share this page, chances are you know someone who can.  24 hours left!

Give because you can win! $200 to Urban Solace in North Park. $100 to The Wellington Steakhouse and Martini Lounge in Mission Hills. $110 pair of tickets to Mardi Gras Dinner at Local Habit in Hillcrest. Brunch for a month at Alchemy restaurant in South Park. $100 craft beer tab at Tiger!Tiger! in North Park Family 4-pack to USS Midway Museum. VIP Animal Encounter to the Nature Center. $160 in Yoga at La Jolla Yoga Center. And several great bottles of wine. Donate HERE

  • Seriously, even if you don’t want to win one of those very cool prizes, send this to the family member who always buys you something lame for the holidays and tell them to donate instead. Clock is ticking!

And Give because it feels good.  Seriously, everyone who has donated gets the joy of knowing they’ve done something with that money that will last.  A developmental screening allows a child to reach her full potential to get help early.  Your donation can help.  A personal items kit allows a homeless woman a bit of dignity so she can focus on many other needs. Your donations can help.  This isn’t some theoretical “I wonder what happens” situation.  Giving now will matter and real people in this county will be affected.  Donate HERE

  • Okay, really now. Times are tight and I get that. One of the donations was $400 from a retired teachers aide and a carpenter.  Don’t assume your family doesn’t have the money, if they live in San Diego, or care about these issues, please send them the link. Less than 1 day!

Thank you for participating in this Food (& Drink) Challenge.

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