And the winners are…

Well, the first winners are the kids whose lives will be a little less impacted by the abuse they faced and the women we’ll help in a small but meaningful way.  Together, we raised $4,3,95 to help homeless women and prevent child abuse in just over three weeks.  But because I wanted to make giving fun, I mentioned there was a “challenge” component.  Specifically, lots of food and drink to be given away.  So let’s get to it.Before I actually reveal the names of winners, take a look at this site.  They are quite literally ending homelessness, one family at a time.  I understand the skeptics who think bold pronouncements are disingenuous, and the people who say that they’ve heard it all before.  To them all I can say is just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it can’t happen.  You can help improve services by volunteering in the We All Count effort to identify the homeless in San Diego County.  Register here.  And if you are curious about the statistics, visit this link.

My goal in starting this little fundraiser was to make it easy for people to help out…and over 60 people reached into their holiday gift money to do just that!  I also wanted to provide real help to real people.  Children will get screened for developmental disabilities because of what we did the last few weeks.  Women will get shoes and personal items because we wanted to work together to help out.  It’s a small, but important step.

The people who donated weren’t from any one social or economic demographic.  And there are many, many other areas of need, so some people undoubtedly passed on this because of their own causes or feelings.  But so that we don’t just assume the people who did give are nameless and faceless San Diegans, here are the people who helped out:

Chris and Janice Kluth

Tony Manolatos

Jean Walcher

John Williams

Andy Pendoley

Candis Mitchell

Thane and Laura Weedon

Rebecca and Ron Kelley

Brian and Tina Marvel

R. Anthony Mahavier

Sarah Scalo

Samantha Ollinger

Jeff and Melani Gordon

BongWhan Kim

Tom and Ludy Passons

Gabe Solmer

Melissa Lewis

Linda Castaneda

Kelly Bennett

James Lawson

Andy Kopp

Garron and Michelle Karabelnik

Wendy Fry

Sara Kent

Randy Reliford

John Fisher

Andy Keatts

Scott Lewis

Gabriela and Steve Dow

Michael and Patti Doyle

Derek and Malinda Danziger

Dale Peterson

Brandon LeBlanc

The San Diego Law Firm via Bill Simon

Jim and Susan Tinsky

Catt and Jerome White

Paul Jamason

Ben and Cheryl Katz

Jamie and Jared Quient

Stephen Whitburn

Torrey Pines Rotary Club

Scott and Lynn Peters

Mark Kersey

Bahija Hamraz

Erik Miller

Nikki and Andy Berdy

David Higgins

Brant Will

Brian Glancy

Dorian Hargrove

Adrianna Kripke and Bryan Miller

Peter Callstrom

Mike Celaya

I received several donations anonymously and want to also thank those people for participating.  And with that, on to the winners…

A quick word about the process.  I assigned every eligible donor a number, then I asked Facebook, Twitter and the bartender at Toronado to choose at random.  So far four people have won.  They are a journalist, a retired teacher’s aide and a carpenter, a federal public defender and a public policy environmental advocate.  Thanks to Jeff Johnson of Aeon Computing, the most recent prize–a month worth of brunches to Alchemy Restaurant in South Park–goes to Sarah Scalo!  After donating most of the last several months worth of her free time to put on SoNo Holiday Fest (pictured below) to help McKinley Elementary School raise money, she donated to help women and children she’ll likely never meet.  Our neighborhoods are filled with genuinely good people like Sarah and it’s great to see this happen.

Photos courtesy of Howard Blackson of great street fair at 32nd and Thorn in North Park, San Diego

Photos courtesy of Howard Blackson of great street fair at 32nd and Thorn in North Park, San Diego

This afternoon I’ll announce the winners of the USS Midway Museum 4-pack and the Urban Solace $200 dinner.  Then the final prize – six months of Carnitas at Carnitas’ Snack Shack – either later tonight or tomorrow.  Thanks for donating.  And if you feel like you have just a bit more room to give, here are links for preventing child abuse and homelessness, respectively.  Thanks for reading.

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