Posted in January 2013

Leaving Kansas – Robata Ya Oton

I love my neighborhood. And my community. And I love living in the older urban part of the city, quirks and all. But contrary to my bias for the culinary beauty that is 30th Street, San Diego’s people–and its food–are diverse…and diffuse. One of my newer friends lives north of the 8, so he and … Continue reading

Table 3

Every once in a while we decide to splurge on a dining experience.  When we do go crazy, we want incredible options sourced from places that are responsible, prepared impeccably, served with passion and, of course, we want food that tastes really amazing.  I’d like to have you sit down for a recap of our … Continue reading

The impact of Abraham Lincoln

I wish I could say this was a post about the President – it’s not, it’s about the movie.  Which is, I suppose, also about the President–but more about the movie.  Daniel Day Lewis was incredible.  But that’s to be expected.  What I didn’t expect was to shed a tear in the first 3 minutes. … Continue reading