Posted in March 2013

Dayenu! My First Seder Dinner

This is a divergence from my usual posts to write about an experience I really enjoyed recently.  Although I grew up in a Christian home, went to church regularly and read the Bible, my first Seder dinner brought the story of Moses—and I think the spirit many religions encourage—into much brighter focus than I remembered … Continue reading

Day 2: West Maui – Lahaina on foot

The photo above is of bricks in an artist plaza in Lahaina.  The “A.P.” Green is this guy, a 19th Century missionary named Alan Percival Green.  Just a little random factoid from the Google.  The bricks are the type of little things that are easier to notice on foot.  So we decided to leave our … Continue reading

Pints and Pols – 1st Anniversary Brewery Tour

As much as I love Twitter, sometimes 140 characters is too confining to tell a full story.  But I will keep the explanation about this brewery tour short: great craft beer, local small businesses, great conversation…oh and transportation.  This photo is only loosely related to the actual brewery tour, because, you know, craft beer is … Continue reading