Pints and Pols – 1st Anniversary Brewery Tour

As much as I love Twitter, sometimes 140 characters is too confining to tell a full story.  But I will keep the explanation about this brewery tour short: great craft beer, local small businesses, great conversation…oh and transportation.  This photo is only loosely related to the actual brewery tour, because, you know, craft beer is pictured.

Shameless plug for Bottlecraft in North Park. I don't know them but like their style

Shameless plug for Bottlecraft in North Park. I don’t know them but like their style

Most people reading this probably got passed a link by a friend.  Pints & Pols isn’t an event or a group so much as it is an idea.  Born of the collective will of the local masses to consume great beer and talk about all manner of stuff while doing it, the thing actually started out like this.  I doubt my sarcasm is coming through as much as I’d like.  If there’s a rule, it seems to be not to take yourself too seriously while hanging out.  Everybody is important to somebody.  Come and have fun and leave “who are you with” at the office (or wherever you work.

Another flight I of local craft beer, just to break up the text actually. From Elysian up in Seattle I think

Another flight of local craft beer, just to break up the text actually. From South Park Abbey, I think

There is no formal “we”, not much of one, anyway.  You are a “we” if you show up.  Or if you create an event.  I suppose the one common thread is that most people who come out spend at least a portion of their lives having their soul sucked out of them by Twitter.  It’s not a prerequisite, but it helps break the ice.

Specifics of the Brewery Tour

A friend of mine owns a corporate shuttle company and so we’ll grab a seats on one of his shuttles.  Since lists and headings seem to help people here is a little bit of both

A. Who, What, When, Where , yada, yada, yada

Who: Anyone who pays $20 – very open affair, so don’t be shy, unless you are shy, then I guess be shy

When: March 29th (Friday) from 12:30 to 5:30 – yes, take a half day, you’ll thank me later

What: a brewery tour to at least three of our north San Diego breweries

Why:  Seriously!?!

How: On aforementioned air-conditioned comfy corporate shuttle bus

B. What do I need to do to reserve a seat?

Pay $20.  If you happen to know Rachel Laing or Matt Awbrey personally, please reach out to them.  Or, if you read this before March 12th, you can email me [opassons at gmail (dot) com] and I will send you a PayPal request.  After the 12th, you’ll need to know Rachel or Matt or find them on Twitter and get a seat that way. Oh, if you happen to know Meanest Boss Ever, and he is willing to vouch for you, that’s an alternative, too.

C.  When is the refund cut-off date?

There will be no refunds after 3/22/13.  Although the bus guy is a friend of mine, he is running a business and we all know how bad things can go when your friends start taking advantage of your kindness.  So he’s got a fixed cut-off after which you get nothing but good karma for contributing to other people’s fun.

D. How should I dress?

I’m kidding about this one.  Please don’t ask this question.  Wear whatever you wore to work.  Or change.  Or wear a costume.  All are acceptable.

E.  What breweries are we going to?

Yes, you are correct to wonder why I put the most important piece of information so far down on the page.  I’m afraid I have no good answer.  At present, the plan is first to hit Pizza Port, then either Stone Brewing Company World Bistro & Gardens or Lost Abbey, then either Alesmith or Hess (and possibly both).  This list doesn’t have to be fixed.  It can be swayed by strong lobbying (or if one of the breweries responds to me to say we are too many people.

Random picture of a modified parking space

Random picture of a modified parking space

This also has nothing to do with anything.  We took over a couple parking spots with our bikes in a rebellious fit of civil disobedience!  No, not so much. They let us park our bikes there, actually.  But with CicloSDias coming to San Diego on August 18th I thought this was a good way to round out the post.  Hope you can make it, either to this brewery tour or some other thing.  Have a good one.

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