Day 1 (pt II): West Maui – Our Lahaina Roads Condo

View out our Lahaina beach side condo

View out our Lahaina beach side condo

We were mildly concerned that we’d end up in a 1970’s time warp of a condo when we booked for this trip. And not the shag carpet, Curtis Mayfield and fist pick 70’s, either. But above is the first shot of the condo, which turned out to be great.

Details on the Condo

The condo is a block from the “big” Cannery Mall, so pretty convenient for stocking up. This is a no-kid place, so effing awesome for the non-kid traveling set not so great if you are getting your family vacation on.  But it is quiet and convenient. The pans and mismatched plates and garage sale silverware reminded me of my first off campus spot from college, and not in a whimsical, nostalgic sort of way, either. But the furniture was all functional, the queen-size bed was surprisingly comfy and the most amazing thing must be heard, not seen. Close your eyes and click below (in reverse order, of course)
-insert video-

Now, Lahaina Roads was not without a few hiccups. In the middle of the day there’s a jackhammer sounding da-da-da-da-da-da to contend with in 5 second bursts with no discernible pattern as yet. Very not great for a daytime nap, and not something that made the brochure. There’s also a mild annoyance of some gnat size bugs that scurry around on the counter from time to time. Oddly, they weren’t attracted to silverware or things that might’ve had food, they would just congregate, like little neighborhood meetings, every now and again. This was, to be sure, a very minor problem, but something worth mentioning. Oh, if you are a T.V. person you may want to bring your own. The TV is the size of a computer monitor and the picture is not good. But we’ve had the TV on for like 10 minutes, so not a big deal for us.

The bathroom was more than adequate

Bathroom had plenty of space, two sinks and dual showerheads

Bathroom had plenty of space, two sinks and dual showerheads

And the hardwood floors throughout were great for my allergies. An electric stove is never a good thing, but is made a bit worse by the  aforementioned off-brand pots and pans. Still, there’s a blender, a coffee pot, a very clean unit and plenty of space for one couple to relax without worrying about anything. You could even have another couple over if you wanted without being crowded, though not to sleep I think.

As I type this the only sound is the waves crashing up against the rocks outside. If you were asked to create relaxation using real world events, this condo and the waves outside would be near the top of the list.  By the way, we paid $165/night plus a small cleaning fee. The owner refunded our deposit within 24 hours of us checking out and there were no unexpected problems of significance.  Also, they had these two high-quality Tommy Bahama beach chairs for us to use, which was a HUGE help.  Very thoughtful.  It was a very comfortable place.

–Post Script–
On our last afternoon we were introduced to something we hadn’t expected–kids. Now, I know you parents are securing the future of our species to and all that, and you’re generally overjoyed to be parents, but we chose this place in part to keep our serene vacation plans intact. It’s great that you are teaching your kids to share and how to make whale noises, but it compromises the tranquility I’d crafted. Hard to enjoy the peaceful sound of waves crashing with grunty little Jacob demanding more food. Be warned, this may not be the adult oasis I’d first thought.  On an unrelated note, the parking spaces are tiny, so rent a compact. If you roll up here in an Escalade you may find yourself outta luck when it comes time to park. Remember that coach flight on United on the way over? Yep, that tight of a squeeze. Still, in all a good choice for convenience, location and that great ocean sound. Click HERE to go to Day 2 post and HERE to return to the index page.

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