3rd Annual Rhythm & Brews Festival in Vista (San Diego region)

A great opportunity to experience local San Diego craft beer

A great opportunity to experience local San Diego craft beer

I often write about food, occasionally philanthropy or music or – one of my favorite topics – San Diego Craft Beer.  On May 3rd, 48 craft breweries are coming together with some incredible bands to hold the 3rd Annual Rhythm & Brews Festival.  Here’s what I know…The event is a showcase of the San Diego region’s incredible craft beer – 87 breweries at last count according to craft beer magazine WestcoasterSD.  It’s also one of the great things about craft beer in this area because the event – held in Vista each year – demonstrates how broad the reach and quality of craft brewers actually is.

I found this photo on the Google from KPRI, this guy is really into the performance!

I found this photo on the Google from radio station 102.1 KPRI from listener David King, these guys are really into the performance!

You can buy tickets HERE.

I’ve been lucky to watch this industry grow quite a bit from our home in North Park, a community in central San Diego known for its historic craftsman homes, supportive small business community and nationally recognized craft beer corridor along 30th Street.  And it’s great to see so many of our friends from within the city of San Diego head to events like this in Vista to enjoy a fun afternoon with great craft beer and great music.

The Beer

Here’s a full list of the breweries.  It’s worth pointing out that a brewery rated best in the world will be available.  Also worth pointing out that you can try beer from all over the county in one location – which makes you environmentally responsible, too!  Speaking of environmental responsibility, this effort around building sustainable breweries is worth paying attention to.  We have a drought, people. Let’s work on this.

Hotels & such

If you want to make a weekend out of it, one of the sponsors – Harrah’s Rincon – has a great special (here). This seems like a pretty decent alternative to finding a designated driver, since they take you right from the hotel and casino to the festival as part of the package.  This is a way to make a good decision while having your fun.  But if you just want to get up to the event and all of your friends who are pregnant are tired of being the automatic DD for everything, there are a couple other solutions.

Easy non-driving solutions

Uber  – I just used the fare calculator and it’s about $100 from North Park.  I know, it may seem a little steep, but considering the alternative it is kind of a no-brainer really.

Taxi – I also did the trip calculator for a taxi, but so you don’t think I’m supporting one over the other, I won’t tell you which is cheaper.

Lyft – Those pink mustaches are a bit much for me, but I hear the service is cheap and awesome.  So, ya know, maybe that will work.

Supporting the Guild

Individuals can get in on the fun - for like $25 you get discounts to almost all the San Diego region breweries through the Craft Coalition

Individuals can get in on the fun – for like $25 you get discounts to almost all the San Diego region breweries through the Craft Coalition

People ask me what the San Diego Brewers’ Guild is or how they can support it.  One easy way is to become a member HERE. As I was getting ready to write about this event I reached out to the Executive Administrator of the San Diego Brewer’s Guild, Paige McWey, to see what she had to say about this year’s Rhythm & Brews.  “The San Diego Brewers Guild is committed to putting on great events that showcase the incredible quality craft beer brewed throughout the San Diego region,” she said, “and as a Vista native, I am thrilled to see this event encourage county-wide tourism and allow locals and tourists alike to come experience our great brewers while enjoying some great music, too.”

Being a San Diego native who bounced around the east coast and Wildcat country for a bit, I enjoy seeing so many people from here helping to push San Diego’s economy forward – especially in craft beer.

If you are looking to check out the festival, you can buy tickets HERE.

Have fun, thanks for reading!

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