#pintsandpols – Border X Brewing, Las Cuatro Milpas & Barrio Logan

Mmmm...chorizo bowl

Mmmm…chorizo bowl

On Saturday, March 14th, a collection of craft beer-loving, taco-consuming, lovers of all things civic in San Diego will gather in Barrio Logan for the periodic “event” known as Pints & Pols (nod to The Eaten Path for the photo above).  It’s open to anyone who wants to join in and there’s more information linked below.  Just know it’ll be a chance to meet or catch up with interesting people who like good beer, good food, and fun experiences.  Here’s what it’s about…For reasons that aren’t entirely clear, Twitter turns out to be a great medium for people who like to share ideas, news, snark, or solid food and travel recommendations.  I’ve put the essential information first, then more chatter in case you are interested:

When: Saturday, March 14th. Show up at Las Cuatro Milpas at 1:30, Border X Brewing at 3:00, or come to both!

What: A random gathering of people who participate in fun conversations on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or, *gasp*, in person

Where: See When, above.

Who: It has ranged from 5 to 50 people, and the crowd is a mixture of beer lovers, politics lovers, bike lovers, taxpayer watchdogs, people who like cheese, foodies, Game of Thrones fans and really anyone else who happens to think this sounds like a cool way to spend a couple hours. Most are as friendly as I am, so just pick a conversation and join in!

How:  Well, this should be obvious.  In terms of getting there, I recommend Waze.  But I really recommend riding your bike, walking, taking a ride share or taxi service or even the bus – which doesn’t suck as much as it did when I was a kid hopping the 43 and the 7.

Background and Such

After one debate a couple years back, Pints & Pols was born (read the origin story here).  Over the last couple years we’ve been all over San Diego County, trying great San Diego Craft Beer, exchanging opinions about all manner of San Diego stuff, and occasionally finding some great food along the way.  For a partial list of the places visited, click here and scroll to the bottom.  On Saturday, March 14th, we’ll embrace another neighborhood – the increasingly interesting, culturally significant fulcrum on which our bi-national region hinges – Barrio Logan.

For those who are skeptical, I imagine you haven’t visited lately, have you?  Barrio Logan is becoming proof of what creative, industrious people and small business owners can do as the access to capital loosens a bit and the people behind the levers of power shift a bit.  But enough about the why, here’s the what (first the food, then the craft beer)

2:00 p.m. (really more like 1:30 to factor in the line)

Las Cuatro Milpas

Thank you, San Diego Reader, for capturing this shot

Thank you, San Diego Reader, for capturing this shot

Yes, there is a line.  Yes, it is cash only.  It is also delicious, inexpensive, and will properly prepare us for an afternoon adventure. This piece from The Reader helps explain why to visit. It’s at 1857 Logan Avenue 92113. Once we’ve warmed ourselves with the glow of chorizo and lengua, the slow caravan to Border X Brewing at 3:00 pm.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no real “we” and no “them” – not to go all Occupy on anyone, but those terms imply some level of exclusion.  If you read this and want to come, please do. There are no real rules (other than don’t be a jerk, that’s a rule).  We are all the masters of our own fun.  There is no organized topic, though don’t be surprised if the Chargers, AirBnB, infrastructure, San Diego’s 100th brewery, or the best places not yet on a “foodie list” to eat make their way across the conversation.  Don’t talk about the current season of House of Cards, but GoT fans certainly welcome.

3:00 p.m. (or as long as it takes to migrate from Las Cuatro Milpas – if you get there before others don’t worry, just try the Blood Saison and thank me/SD Beer Friends later)

Border X Brewing

I'm guessing these guys gave birth to Border X - not really sure yet

I’m guessing these guys gave birth to Border X – not really sure yet

I think these guys probably founded Border X Brewing.  I can’t confirm that yet, but yanked this photo from their Facebook page.  And then have that air of “damn we just invested our life savings to pull off a dream and here we are” look about them.  Yes, yes I do love small businesses.

Anyway, I suspect the Las Cuatro Milpas folks will meander into Border X about 3PM, so feel free to join in any time.  There is no real end time, stay as long as you want, I’m sure they won’t mind. For those that are curious, here’s a great link that explains alot about the evolution of the Barrio Logan community and a hot button issue regarding ships, commerce, and pollutants.  I’m excited to visit Barrio Logan again and here the arts community down there is really doing some incredible things. There’s a decent chance the City Councilmember for the area, David Alvarez, will drop by Border X at some point. He’s a good guy who is from the neighborhood, so a perfectly decent chance to say hello and have an informal chat about the issues.

Hope you can make it.  Oh, bring cash, as no one has found a rich uncle to sponsor these things just yet, so everyone is on their own.

Bike Bonus (join for a ride down before #pintsandpols)

This is a gratuitous nod to Modern Times and North Park Bikes (who sold me the bike)

This is a gratuitous nod to Modern Times and North Park Bikes (who sold me the bike)

For those so inclined, I plan to ride down 30th Street for a pre-event stop at Brabant Bar & Cafe in South Park.  That photo is my bike, courtesy of the good people at North Park Bikes, a cool spot in my neighborhood. It is right next to Ray Street – where Ray at Night will give you an alternative event later in the evening. Anyway, you may have heard about the kerfuffle over the new Target in South Park, my Nextdoor account has been blowing up over this the last week or so.  I’m not saying that will or won’t come up, just saying it’s possible, so if an afternoon of random civic issues isn’t enough, feel free to show up early at Brabant, too.  Anyway, I plan to meet up with a couple folks at Brabant by bike around 12:30-ish, then ride down to LCM to get there about 1:30.  I may have my GoPro hooked up to catalog the quality of bike infrastructure on the way southward just for fun.

Okay, that’s all I got.  Too much work to do.  If you happened to miss our past adventure to Bay Park during the density dust-up, catch the before and after here and here.  I also did a little writing about the land use and community impacts of Modern Times and Benchmark Brewing, which isn’t related to this, but you may find interesting.  Check it here.  Have a good and safe weekend, whatever you end up doing. Update: In support of STEM education specifically, and nerdiness more generally, I remind you at 9:26 and 53 seconds tomorrow to raise your glass of coffee and toast to Pi day! Read more here about the magic of 3.141592653…


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