Happy Birthday! Making a classic Old Fashioned

Happy birthday, G!

Happy birthday, G!

For my friend G’s birthday I decided I’d get him all the tools needed to make a proper classic cocktail, the Old Fashioned.  I don’t usually make cocktails, so this little adventure required some research, recruiting those more knowledgeable than myself, and some shopping.  I’ve done the necessary research, so I’m ready to share the secrets to a proper Old Fashioned. Here goes…

Okay, G, here we go. You’ve been a good friend for half a decade (yep, we’ve come a long way from The Linkery Pit menu back in 2010).  You’re a fun, smart guy and I’m grateful for your friendship. So much so that I decided to get out of the comfort of my craft beer wheelhouse and create a virtual birthday card dedicated to something about which I know very little: the cocktail.

My first step was to admit my lack of knowledge and consult three proper classic cocktail lovers.  I shot a text to three guys I know who can appreciate a proper Old Fashioned and I thought might have some insight on the tools needed.  One of them was very helpful and sent very helpful text information.  As a result, I’ll be running out later today to purchase some of his suggested tools.  One of them, well, let’s just say he was less than enthusiastic, so we’ll put him in the snark-infused not much help category.  Can’t win ’em all. The third responded with the all important over-size ice cube recommendation. Excellent, now I just need to find these things and I realized at this point I’d need to step up my game to get all the way prepared for this special plan.

My next step was to “borrow” a proper recipe from the Internet.  Here’s what I found

Classic Old Fashioned Recipe


This was a good start, but I really needed to identify the right ingredients.  I mean, birthdays only come along just so often (only 24 of every 8,760 hours, to be exact).  So the next step was to search for the best places for your Old Fashioned-making equipment and supplies.  My search yielded the following options:

Bevmo – To be honest, this is likely to be a reasonable option, but this is kind of like getting a generic holiday card that says “hey guy” in it. Lame. Go there in a pinch if you must.

Jack’s Cocktail & Beverage Supply – Now this is what I’m talking about! I half expect to find Don Draper or some 80 year old guy with a thick New York accent behind the counter. Sadly, it’s not open on Saturdays and it couldn’t be farther from you. So not terribly convenient.

the winner?

Beverage Factory – Off Miramar Road, so close enough for you to easily re-up supplies. Plus a decent size selection of ordinary and fancy gadgets.  If they had combined wireless technology in some way I think that would have been perfect for you, but I had to roll with it.

Bonus! Native Spirits – This isn’t open yet, but it’s perfect for when you are already down here in North Park hanging about and remember you need to re-up on supplies.

With limited time to secure a proper Old Fashioned making kit, I’ll be running around to get the key items and then coming home to perfect the making of it.  To help in a pinch in case you are a little hazy on the details, I thought I’d find a real demonstration.  So I tracked down a little You Tube assistance (aside: I also used You Tube to learn how to tie a bow tie and to install a french drain in my backyard, I’m telling you, the Internet is like magic!). Here’s the video I found


Not bad, though that’s an awful lot of alcohol so adjust accordingly and make sure you are not driving. Alright, G, there you have it! Part one of the birthday offering memorialized in online form for easy access should you need it in a pinch. The remaining parts are near at hand and I shall be giving them to you post haste.  E and I are grateful for your friendship. Cheers!

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