Four Days in Detroit: Motoring around Motown (mostly by bike)

Ubiquitous self-affirmationy signage

Ubiquitous self-affirmationy signage

For a city with a storied history and many, many financial hurdles, we weren’t really sure what to expect on our first foray into Detroit.  But with four days to really explore everything from “ruins” to markets to distilleries and culture, we were excited to see what the city had to offer.  What follows is an adventure shaped around food and fun in the Motor City.

Among the aspects of Detroit I plan to discuss is the impact of the federal highway system on places like Black Bottom, a previously thriving Black community ripped apart to make room for highways. The city has a fascinating story to tell and I don’t know if I can really do it justice.  I got the sense that Detroit, more than many cities I’ve been to, has curious tales strewn under rocks, behind burnt buildings and in all kinds of hard to see corners throughout the city.  The trick was figuring out where to look.  I usually write mostly about the experiences that travels crafted around food and drink bring, but this time around the city just felt like it had too much it was trying to say to limit what I wrote.  True to my favorite format, I’ve organized the adventure according to the day of our journey, but I’ve thrown in a few extras to keep it interesting.  Also unlike past writing, I go out of order based on how I feel like telling the story.  Here goes.

Day One:  Slow’s BBQ, first impressions and Two James

Day Two: Detroit Institute of Bagels, Wheelhouse Near East Tour, Mudgie’s and Hopcat

Day Three: Biking, History Museum, Jolly Pumpkin, Shinola, Pegasus Taverna

Day Four: Brooklyn Local, Sister Pie, The Heidelberg Project

Resurgent Detroit: America’s most important city

I think almost everybody should visit Detroit, especially people whose eyes aren’t permanently clouded by what it “used to be.” Detroit is a thing, right now. And this is my attempt to describe that thing.

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