#PintsandPols – 2016 debate edition

UPDATE (as of 9/26 7:02 a.m.): #PintsandPols Debate Edition FULL!!! 

Several years ago, San Diego Twitter gave birth to a thing. The thing was part meet-up (not exactly novel), part political happy hour, part celebration of San Diego’s incredible independent craft beer scene. On some typically beautiful San Diego Sunday afternoon, #pintsandpols was born. Read about the backstory in greater detail here. The primary rules for showing up are these: 1) there is no “we” – that creates outsiders. If you read this, you can come; 2) you are the master of your own fun – no agenda or topic is pre-set, start a conversation or join one, it’s entirely up to you. Oh, technically there is an informal rule that everyone must treat people they don’t know with the same whatever that they would treat people they do know. For some, that will be warm and welcoming, others, snarky and aloof. It’s like a choose-your-own adventure book! The next one is dedicated to the first Presidential debate of 2016 and it is at Waypoint Public in North Park.For those who have not been spared the torture of our current Presidential race, you may know the first debate is coming up on September 26, 2016. It’s a Monday, which is typically slow for local bars and restaurants – perfect for a takeover.  The candidates – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – seem to engender a great deal of controversy. Usually #pintsandpols are pretty mixed from a political affiliation standpoint.  I remember watching the now legendary ‘horses and bayonets‘ debate up at Clem’s Tap Room in Kensington a few years ago, and the crowd was a fun one.

This debate features Donald Trump (pictured below holding a beer) as the Republican candidate. I’m not really sure what he stands for or how he thinks the few things he’s mentioned could actually happen. He has committed to building a (completely absurd and impractical) wall between the United States and Mexico. That and denying all Muslims entry to the U.S. seems to be the cornerstone of his immigration policy. His domestic agenda is mysterious to me but seems to involve a firm belief that America is not great. Here’s his website so you can decide for yourselves if he has actual positions on things of substance.

Not sure what is happening here, but read about BrewDog here

Not sure what is happening here, but read about BrewDog here, which is where I got the photo

The other debate participant is Hillary Clinton. She has lots of actual policies and people who do research about them. Whether you like them is up to you, but at least there’s a way for you to evaluate them. Here’s her website so you can check for yourself. She is also pictured below, apparently drinking a beer (good for her, get in the spirit!).

Found this awesome photo in a Politico post

Found this awesome photo in a Politico post (here)

I’m “organizing” this one, such as it is, and it comes with only two meaningful caveats. First, there are only about 35 spots in the Bear Den at Waypoint Public, so you’ll need to mention if you are going to make it.  Just reply here or on Twitter and that will suffice.  Second, if you are supporting Trump I’ll do my best to save you a seat. Seriously, other than San Diego County Supervisor Candidate Kristin Gaspar who said this of her support for him, I have never met an actual supporter of Trump. I’m kidding about the whole seat-saving thing, but I really would like to know more about what causes San Diegans to choose to support Trump.

A strange thing is happening in America right now. Out of some desire to be balanced, we are treating the candidates roughly as though they are equally qualified to hold this job. They aren’t. Our media is doing a woefully inadequate job of covering what the actual future policies of the two candidates might look like in favor of covering Trump like his reality TV is still on and Clinton like a bad crime docu-drama. Although I intend to be entertained by the debate, this election is not entertainment and shouldn’t be covered that way. Issues matter. And shame on every media outlet taking up space with some outlandish comment instead of some ridiculous policy proposal. Ugh.


When: Monday, September 26, 2016 – roughly 5:30 pm (starts at 6:00 pm PST)

Where: Waypoint Public – 3794 30th Street, San Diego, CA 92104 – the “Bear Den” is the room in the back. If it fills up, you will be short, sorry. 

What: Pints & Pols Debate Edition

Nerd bonus: Ever wonder what the Commission on Presidential Debates (the folks who put them on) actually is?  Thanks to Google, here is your answer.

Hope you can make it out on the 26th, Waypoint is a cool spot with great food and a very solid beer list. Cheers


16 thoughts on “#PintsandPols – 2016 debate edition

  1. Hi Omar, Please save 2 seats for us (Gary Jackson & Sarah Volpe) – we’re looking forward to spending our 13th anniversary with you and other NP folks! Thanks for organizing this.

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