4 Days in Sin City: Getting Las Vegas right

The Vegas most people see only made up a small part of our trip - but it does look cool

The Vegas most people see only made up a small part of our trip – but it does look cool

We decided to abscond from our usual surroundings for some fun in the desert…and a stay in Las Vegas.  What follows is a series of tales, mostly about food and drink, from the places we went and the people we encountered.  We spent some time on the strip, but much of the trip was about experiencing the parts of Sin City (and surrounding environs) that don’t make the national entertainment magazines.  Our trips are often about finding the best food a place has to offer. For this trip, we sprinkled in a few museums, a container park, even a couple hikes.  Las Vegas is way more than a place where you can lose all your money and get free hotel nights for doing it.

Here is an index of what happened

Day One: Eggslut, Yardbird, The Linq, Atomic Energy Museum, Tasting Menu at Scarpetta

Day Two: Lotus of Siam, Pub 365, downtown Vegas, Tasting Menu at Bazaar Meats

Day Three: Eggslut, Viva las Arepas, Mob Museum, STK

Adventure: The Hikes and The Beer

eat. – a downtown ray of sunshine

Taking it way back – Boy II Men night

Day Four: Cochon, Carson Kitchen, Nuclear Arms Race, Le Thai

Tales from the north and west – EllaEm’s and the Historic West side

Stripsteak – how they should all taste

Slowly, over the next few weeks, our Vegas experience will get posted.  My goals are to describe just enough about the food and drink to help you understand what you will get, but far more, as the tagline suggests, about sharing experiences.  What was it like to be riding in an Uber and get dropped in a random, nearly empty strip mall? Did the price of a tasting menu set the restaurant up for really high expectations it couldn’t meet? Why check for a museum with all that gambling to do?  You’ll note I haven’t written about gambling.  It’s not that we don’t gamble, it’s just that’s not so interesting. I might include a few tales, but that’s mostly about the table conversation, not watching my pocket Kings get cracked by a six-deuce off-suit from the heir to the toilet seat cover fortune! No, that didn’t really happen.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy what you find.

Thanks for dropping by!


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