Help kids, great food! Sabor Latino

In honor of women's history month, check out this detail oriented chef getting the food ready!

In honor of women’s history month, check out this detail oriented chef getting the food ready!

Every once in a while I learn about some opportunity to combine my passion for great food and drink with helping young people.  Recently I learned about a food and drink festival that does exactly that! Sabor Latino is a food, beer and wine festival during the San Diego Latino Film Festival and when I heard about it – and the kids it supports – I had to share.  Here we go

The San Diego Latino Film Festival is one of those great events in San Diego that give many San Diegans (and the Tijuanese that come north) a real glimpse into the talent our community has to offer.  San Diego’s culture could be properly described as strongly Latino and Native American with influences from other groups who have made their way here for various reasons over the last few centuries.  When we look at ourselves through this lens, I think it actually helps explain San Diego in a way that captures its core. We are independent, but also warm, open and full of life.

The food festival features offerings from over thirty chefs, wineries and breweries combined and will highlight many great flavors on both sides of our border.  Recent events notwithstanding, in this region we really feel at a fundamental level how important the cultures and economies on both sides of our border are to the vibrancy of the greater San Diego region.

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You won’t be surprised to learn that I’ve take a look at the craft breweries who will be participating

Border X Brewing in Barrio Logan is one of the featured breweries

Border X Brewing in Barrio Logan is one of the featured breweries

If you haven’t been to Border X, a brewery that opened up in Barrio Logan across the street from one of the world’s best purveyors of fine tacos, this event will be a great chance to give it a try.  From North Park, it is a very easy bike ride (would be made easier with meaningful, separated infrastructure to protect riders and cars).  The beer on the left in the image is brewed with hibiscus, because who doesn’t like their Jamaica to have a little beer flavor?  Seriously, craft breweries bring in hundreds of millions of dollars to the San Diego region with jobs that are available to anyone with passion, a willingness to learn, and who aren’t afraid of very hard work.

The Homebrewer is another featured brewer at the event and the above video gives you a quick understanding of how to actually brew your own beer!

What about the kids?
One other area of this event is the benefit to the students at the Media Arts Center San Diego on El Cajon Boulevard. I’ve been impressed with this place since it opened. You can read about the mission and programs at that link. If you don’t happen to click through to the link, you should know that they are all about exposing kids to the visual arts in communities that don’t often get this exposure.  I’ve been to the Digital Gym on El Cajon Boulevard, and as much as the great little bars and shops and new homes are adding character to The Boulevard, the work at Media Arts Center must not be overlooked.

Proceeds from Sabor Latino will help make sure more young people can see in themselves the next incredible filmmaker or producer of our generation.  I’m so glad this organization exists and hope you’ll check them out.

For the film buffs

Let’s not forget there is a film festival going on! Here is a complete list of the films to be viewed. The descriptions demonstrate a variety of comedies and more serious offerings.  I’m especially interested in the Beyond the Crossfire work of the students at High Tech High School.

I haven’t had a chance to preview any of the films, but this event is a great chance to get out and embrace culture through film.

Let’s revisit the food and drink

In case you are wondering who the featured chefs, breweries, and vineyards are, let me share:

List of featured chefs/restaurants:
Sabina Bandera / Sabina’s Restaurant (with Anthony Bourdain)
Priscilla Curiel & Jorge Gutierrez / Birria Barriga, Talavera Azul
Bo Bendana / Mi Casa Supper Club
Sandra Vazquez / La Mestiza Restaurante
Giannina Gavaldon / Olivia El Asador del Porvenir
Jorge Fuentes / Mariscos Germán Beyer
Martín San Roman / Dobson’s Restaurant, Tequila San Roman
Ruffo Ibarra / Oryx Capital
Alberto Cansino / Hotel Calafia
Omar Armas / Mantou Pub
Danielle de la Puente / La Cocina Secreta
Carlos Cervantes / Paellas Villa de Cervantes
Luis Enrique Moreno / Andares de la Baja Cocina
Stevan Novoa / NV Personal Dining
Israel Ortiz / Harrah’s Resort of Southern California
Salsa La Perrona | La Perrona Hot Sauce
Jimena Moreno / Pastry Chef
Manuel Julia / Manuel Julia Catering
Lagunitas Brewing
Border X Brewing
The Homebrewer San Diego
Baja Brew Lab
Novo Brazil Brewing
Lomita Vinicola Mexicana
Monte Xanic
Adobe Guadalupe
Torres Alegre
Villa Montefiori
Bodegas Henri Lurton
Casa Magoni
Bodegas Peña-Fiel
Bodegas Puente de Rus
Fiel-Puente de Rus

I love being able to support these types of events that explicitly look for ways to help young people benefit. If you are looking for something fun to do as the outdoor fun season (as if we have just one) in San Diego gets into high gear, this seems like a great one!

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