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Three days in El Valle: Swing and a miss

You may not know this, but I rarely provide negative feedback for dining experiences.  The job is hard enough, the margins generally not great and the success rate relatively low, without every joker with a laptop and a camera phone lamenting his or her one experience at your restaurant.  Yet there I sat, camera in … Continue reading

Our best meal in the Valle

Twitter’s magic knows no bounds and our best meal of our recent trip to the Valle de Guadalupe is proof of that point.  In search of something delicious, we consulted the google (and Colin Parent) and were all set to head to Chef Javier Plascencia’s seasonal farm-to-table spot Finca Altozano.  What happened next set us … Continue reading

Three Days in El Valle: Laja

We arrived in the Valle and were excited to visit a place we’d heard quite a bit about.  You see, Laja had become the stuff of legend among our immediate food-loving circles in the past several years and we were determined to see what all the fuss was about.  A friend had written about it … Continue reading

Three Days in El Valle de Guadalupe: the introduction

Suffering from extreme wanderlust and a schedule that won’t permit excessive galavanting, I searched for a fun getaway that checked enough boxes to feel like *real* travel without having to, well, travel.  Thankfully, we happen to live in a mega-region that puts us a short distance from Mexico’s most fertile wine country and some unexpectedly … Continue reading