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North Park Taco Crawl – 8/31/14

North Park Taco Crawl – 8/31/14

This will be short and sweet.  It’s the end of summer and there is plenty of great food to enjoy in our little North Park community, so I decided to put together a Taco Crawl for this Sunday.  Rather than struggle with a bunch of text, I’ll use pictures.  Specific details follow the photos. Also, … Continue reading

Pints and Pols – 1st Anniversary Brewery Tour

As much as I love Twitter, sometimes 140 characters is too confining to tell a full story.  But I will keep the explanation about this brewery tour short: great craft beer, local small businesses, great conversation…oh and transportation.  This photo is only loosely related to the actual brewery tour, because, you know, craft beer is … Continue reading

Charlotte, BBQ, and Twitter Magic

(4-29-13 update: With Mayor Foxx being tabbed to head the Department of Transportation, the sections below on public transit and public space investments in Charlotte mentioned below are even more relevant!) It’s really not possible to come to a place like North Carolina and avoid BBQ altogether. So in a firm commitment to meat, I … Continue reading

Founding Farmers: the other cool place on Pennsylvania Ave

So many good things to say about Founding Farmers and only one, small hiccup. Searching for a place for early breakfast was a small challenge, very glad we nestled in to this spot up the street from the White House.  Definitely a place I will encourage newly minted San Diego Congressman-elect Scott Peters of the CA-52nd to … Continue reading