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$4.90/day – return of the “helper”

While trying to live off a very small amount of money last week, I got into a discussion about the merits of hamburger helper (home made version pictured above).  I remembered liking it quite a bit as a kid, so I thought when I stumbled on this recipe last week I’d check it out.  Now, … Continue reading

Review – Cucina Urbana in Banker’s Hill San Diego

A short notice birthday celebration turned into a meal in one of San Diego’s most popular restaurants, Cucina Urbana. Here’s what I thought: Ambiance: The place is always crowded, so make reservations a few days/week early.  It’s a very alive restaurant that isn’t overly loud. Service: Kristin, our server, hit everything right. Asked all the right … Continue reading

What’s this blog about?

I like eating, drinking, giving in my community and travel.  And I enjoy all of these things even more when sharing them with other people who like them, too. I live in North Park, a community in San Diego that is getting famous for craft beer, local food and people who care.  It’s a cool place to live, … Continue reading