This page includes reviews, random news and facts about food.  Food is, of course, about more than sustenance and more than just how we combine flavors.  It’s about community and fellowship and sharing.  And that’s why I write about this topic.  A nice twist on biscuits and gravy, perhaps with chicken sausage or pancetta gravy, can be a great meal.  But sharing it with someone almost seems to elevate the experience.  We get to re-live the enjoyment all over again.  A couple things to note:

  1. If I write a review, it will generally be short.  What was the food, how was it, and how was the service.  I’ll label it ‘review’ to make it easy. There are plenty of places to read long reviews with bunches of high quality photos.  Mine (and yours, if you share them) will be to the point with local knowledge splashed in.
  2. The regular posts are information about dining experiences.  These are longer and include everything from the food to the service to whether the phone rang for minutes without answer.

There are tons of reviews of food online, I don’t have illusions about mine.  I just like to write, like to share and like the spirit of cooperative knowledge that exists among people who like food. Thanks for dropping by.

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