This page is all about giving to make our lives better.  Giving time, giving brain power, giving connections and even occasionally giving money.  In most cities, these ideas are often tied to local political issues, and my city is no different.  So if there’s a reason, I’ll talk about local politcs, too.  But being a part of a community means different things for different people, so I should define what I’ll write about.  I’ve benefited from opportunities to get education, to have loving family, to eat every time I’m hungry and to walk safely down the streetat any time of the day or night.  Not everyone has these opportunities and this page is dedicated to making it easier for more people to enjoy life.  In substance, I focus on three areas:

  1. Volunteering
  2. Civic Engagement
  3. San Diego politics/local issues

I write when there’s something new to say or I think I can offer a different perspective, so this won’t be a daily update.  I hope you’ll stop in from time to time and share your thoughts on what you find.

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