There’s that game people play about what they’d do if money were no object.  Well, ignore for a moment that this situation exists for almost no one.  If it existed for me I’d certainly travel more.  So hopefully if we can share travel experiences here we can help eachother get the most out of upcoming trips and even find some new places to explore.

One thought on “go

  1. Omar; Thank you for the Leoda’s and Star Noodle recommendations on Maui.
    We enjoyed the Kapalua Coastal Trail also, not only for the views but because we could stop at the Honolua Store for breakfast and lunch. Its on Office road near Sensei. They do daily lunch/dinner specials of which the roast pork was excellent.
    You can call ahead and ask for the kitchen to find out when it is available.
    Enjoy your next trip. Looking forward to your next report.


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