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Finding my Way

A couple months ago my friends Jay and Katie closed down one of my favorite restaurants and completed the transition out of San Diego and up to the Bay Area. I felt a little lost not having my table with an open air view out onto 30th Street and my North Park neighborhood that we love so much. No … Continue reading

Day 7 on South Maui: The Road to Hana

It’s 4:51 in the morning, I have no good reason to be awake right now, except the room was too dark to find my way around when I momentarily woke up and now I’m too alert to return to sleep. Worse, we’ve decided to take a path to Hana that puts us just a bit … Continue reading

Leaving Kansas – Robata Ya Oton

I love my neighborhood. And my community. And I love living in the older urban part of the city, quirks and all. But contrary to my bias for the culinary beauty that is 30th Street, San Diego’s people–and its food–are diverse…and diffuse. One of my newer friends lives north of the 8, so he and … Continue reading

Weekend in NYC: Neighborhoods and such

Five days in the nation’s biggest playground (sorry Vegas, giving away my money for a gambling “thrill” has worn thin).  New York, even with its cold grit and crumbling skeleton, is a place I love visiting.  And so faced with a weekend to play we managed to sample the sights and sounds (and food and drink, … Continue reading

The Pig: Choosing life, local food and friendship

Scorned by the unavailability of a table at Rasika (likely brought on by the holiday Diwali), we turned to a dear friend to come up with a pleasant alternative for our fourth night in ‘the District.’  After some twists and turns (and traffic circles with five exits that make no sense), we ditched the rental car at 12th & … Continue reading