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How the other half lives

I spent last week living off $4.90/day as part of the CalFresh Challenge. Even did a fair amount of research to help people understand the scope of hunger in the U.S. This isn’t a pat myself on the back moment, it’s almost a pre-apology for our post-Challenge trip to Stonehill Tavern at the St. Regis … Continue reading

Living off $4.90 per day – Day 1

Today begins an effort to acknowledge that the food choices I (by which I mean my wife) normally make are a luxury. Yes, I’ve worked hard in life. Yes, I sacrificed when I had to. Yes, like every “we built this” voice I hear in the cacophony coming out of some talking heads, I know … Continue reading

$4.90/day – Seriously?!?

It might not be absolutely clear from the “eat” and “drink” sections of this site, but spending time in nice restaurants and bars is a huge part of life for me.  Same goes for the food we eat at home.  So when Lorena Gonzalez suggested I jump on the bandwagon of spending $4.90/day to better … Continue reading