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Three Days in El Valle: Laja

We arrived in the Valle and were excited to visit a place we’d heard quite a bit about.  You see, Laja had become the stuff of legend among our immediate food-loving circles in the past several years and we were determined to see what all the fuss was about.  A friend had written about it … Continue reading

Taco Maria: a pleasant surprise

My job occasionally takes me out of town to far-away places like Century City. On my way back from my most recent trip I consulted the Twitterverse for a food recommendation. I find Twitter a vast improvement over Yelp because I don’t have to guess about a person’s tastes. If we know each other on … Continue reading

Bellmore on ‘the Island’

The whirlwind randomness of a trip that almost didn’t happen led to one of those windows into American life I’m always happy to see.  And thus began our day on Long Island

Living off $4.90/day – Day 2: HUNGRY!

We made it through Day 1 basically unscathed. I’ve never savored a stalk of broccoli so much in my life, though. It was an odd sensation, being hungry almost right after lunch…and then again shortly after dinner. I’m actually typing this a little hungry and realizing its time for my split pea soup! If you missed … Continue reading