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The Windy City: Four Days in Chicago

The Windy City: Four Days in Chicago

Thanks to the miracle of the Internet – and especially ancestry.com – I found myself enjoying the delights of the greater Chicago area on a recent trip to meet 250 of my relatives. Yep. You read that right.  With several days to really cover some ground I decided to do a deep dive into the … Continue reading

Going Public – San Diego Public Market

Last Sunday I made my way down to the new San Diego Public Market on National.  It’s a great space with a bright future and it has the potential to really drive change in one of San Diego’s oldest neighborhoods.  The trick, of course, is driving the right kind of change–but what the heck does … Continue reading

$4.90/day – Seriously?!?

It might not be absolutely clear from the “eat” and “drink” sections of this site, but spending time in nice restaurants and bars is a huge part of life for me.  Same goes for the food we eat at home.  So when Lorena Gonzalez suggested I jump on the bandwagon of spending $4.90/day to better … Continue reading

Not EVERYTHING’s better with bacon

Thanks in large part to the Passport Lifestyle discount card, Saturday morning rolled around and my wife and I decided to hit one of our favorite early morning spots-Parkhouse Eatery on Park. The Passport is the great little card my wife gets as an awesome benefit at Qualcomm (yes, working there is as good as everyone says).  … Continue reading