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Table 3

Every once in a while we decide to splurge on a dining experience.  When we do go crazy, we want incredible options sourced from places that are responsible, prepared impeccably, served with passion and, of course, we want food that tastes really amazing.  I’d like to have you sit down for a recap of our … Continue reading

And the winners are…

Well, the first winners are the kids whose lives will be a little less impacted by the abuse they faced and the women we’ll help in a small but meaningful way.  Together, we raised $4,3,95 to help homeless women and prevent child abuse in just over three weeks.  But because I wanted to make giving … Continue reading

Words can’t describe…but I’ll try

Combine mystery menu items, farm-to-table sensibility, meeting new people practically in your lap and effing epic preparations.  This, my friends, is how a restaurant experience is done.  State Bird Provisions is a place where The Lincoln Club and The Labor Council could break bread and be thick as thieves.  Yes, people, it was that.damn.good.  Here … Continue reading

Going Public – San Diego Public Market

Last Sunday I made my way down to the new San Diego Public Market on National.  It’s a great space with a bright future and it has the potential to really drive change in one of San Diego’s oldest neighborhoods.  The trick, of course, is driving the right kind of change–but what the heck does … Continue reading

Living off $4.90/day – Day 2: HUNGRY!

We made it through Day 1 basically unscathed. I’ve never savored a stalk of broccoli so much in my life, though. It was an odd sensation, being hungry almost right after lunch…and then again shortly after dinner. I’m actually typing this a little hungry and realizing its time for my split pea soup! If you missed … Continue reading